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Is Tom Ahern right for your nonprofit?
Tom Ahern is considered one of the world’s top authorities on how to increase revenue thru donor communications.

"I also want you to know your blogs & advice have helped us raise more than $9 million since I started following you! For that that I will always be in debt.... Blessings, Pat" Pat Bradley, founder, Crisis Aid International, September 2014

"It is official … thanks to your [direct mail appeals] you have helped the foundations at Sharp HealthCare receive over 10,000 Doctors’ Day gifts. A mere 'thanks' doesn’t come close to the gratitude we all have for you." -- Jim Sardina, Annual Giving Manager, 2014

2014 report just in: Since 2010, with advertising written by Ahern Communications, this community foundation has doubled the number of pledgers in its legacy society, to just about 150. They've already realized bequests since 2010 worth $15.9 million, some of that from new society members.

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh: "We completely revamped our approach to our donor newsletter with a focus on making it far more donor centric. We also took all the packaging tips you suggested.... The results we saw in 2013 off of only two newsletters...was a huge improvement over the previous year. In 2012, we raised $11,735 from the newsletter. In 2013, we raised $42,907!"

What we do that's different from what "they" do...

  • Our only goal is to help your cause make more money by improving your donor communications
  • "Selling" (as opposed to just telling) your story: Making your best case for support
  • Writing artisanal, "loverized" direct mail appeals and other donor correspondence
  • Expert hand-holding so you create a profitable donor newsletter
  • One-of-a-kind (and internationally celebrated) training in communications best practices
  • Auditing your donor communications for effectiveness, with specific recommendations

It's my personal assessment -- based on research, experts, and my own experience (a.k.a., failures) -- that most charities, even (and maybe especially) brand names, raise a mere 5%-15% of what they could in fact raise, had they strong rather than bizarrely weak donor communications.

ahern_2012_france_100w.jpgI will bluntly tell you ...

... what your donor communications program should be doing differently to achieve your organization's financial goals. I will show you what you're doing wrong. I will tell you how exactly to fix the problems.

For "select" clients, I also will write direct mail packs, campaign cases, and consult on donor-newsletter development.

"He says more in five words than I could say in 5,000 words. That's why you hire him." Nobody is born with an innate ability to write persuasive fundraising materials. You train all the time. And I train BEST (here's where YOU come in) when I have tough, interesting, and ambitious projects to beat my brain against.


The first call costs nothing. My direct line: 401-397-8104. You will talk to me, Tom Ahern.

I've authored four well-received books on donor communications, with two more in the pipeline. A set of training DVDs that teach the "Tom Ahern way of writing" went on sale in 2013. Each year, I deliver dozens of workshops internationally, speaking recently (or soon) at conferences in the Netherlands, Belgium, Australia, New Zealand, Italy and Slovakia as well as across the US and Canada.

Career highlights:

  • Tom Ahern's creative work as a "message strategist" has won repeated major international awards. Disney came in second one year. Boeing was second another year. We play to win ... at every level.
  • Ahern clients are blue chip (University of Chicago) ... international (Plan) ... impatient for big results (Help Me See) ... questing (The Museum of Flight) ... local (the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, the United Way of Anchorage).
  • He creates "prototype" direct mail appeals to test new waters. Several of his innovative direct mail packages have become models, because of extraordinary results. Be aware, though: direct mail writing is an extreme sport. "I do it only for a handful of very lovable clients."
  • Tom Ahern is in great demand as a case writer, crafting up to 10 cases a year for clients who want drama crossed with intense donor-centricity.
  • Tom Ahern will vigorously audit your stuff. He'll show you clearly what's wrong with your donor communications ... and give you effective remedies at the same time.

Tom Ahern specializes in applying the discoveries of psychology and neuroscience to the day-to-day business of inspiring and retaining donors.

His recent clients for cases, direct mail, newsletters, audits and training (in addition to those named above) include Catholic Relief Services, Save the Children, Bread for the World, Princeton University, University of Oregon, Bow Valley College, PBS TV, Sharp HealthCare and other major hospital systems, Volunteers of America, Houston Grand Opera, National Parks Conservation Association, and the Animal Rescue League of Boston ... among many others.
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