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Competent on purpose -- PART 2
What every fundraiser should know about donor comms, IMHO
Part 1: Competent on purpose
What every fundraiser should know about donor comms, IMHO
14.10: The Ugly Truth
Is "prettiness" cost effective?
14.9: Will good grammar save us?
Your 10th-grade English teacher was right ... about nothing related to sales.
14.8: Part 5 - Dr. Adrian Sargeant's 7 principles of donor loyalty
Charities that get straight A's in 7 things reap the rich rewards of contented donors.
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LATEST E-News … Part 2
Competent on Purpose
What every fundraiser should know about donor comms, IMHO
The dark but successful arts -- part 2
Results just in!
Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh sees 366% uptick in newsletter-triggered giving
Adopting extreme donor-centricity does the trick
[Click to view Carnegie's 2014 donor newsletters one and two.] Charla Irwin-Buncher, Annual Giving Manager at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, wrote, "I hope this email finds you doing well. I was catching up on your Love Thy Reader emails and I thought I would check in with you about the results we are seeing following our [Ahern] audit.

"We completely revamped our approach to our donor newsletter with a focus on making it far more donor centric. We also took all the packaging tips you suggested (#10 envelope, 4 pages, separate reply device, etc.)
...read more
$99 OVERVIEW webinar on Monday, July 28: seats still available
$449 webinars w/ personal coaching SOLD OUT

Debut of new webinar + coaching session
How to Write a Fabulous Case for Support
Having an appealing story to tell (and sell) gives nonprofits a sharp fundraising edge.

Tom Ahern's new "How To Write a Great Case" webinar on Kivi's Nonprofit Marketing Guide.com offers 2 ways to learn: there's a $99 in-depth overview of the elements of an appealing and effective case ... and a $449 advanced class that includes a second, skills-focused webinar as well as personal coaching. That advanced class has limited capacity, just 20 seats. THEY ALL SOLD OUT, first time out! Nearly one hundred sites watched and asked questions during the $99 overview webinar.

Next up in the Kivi series is Writing Direct Mail Letters, beginning July 30. Students who take all four courses in the full series graduate from Ahern Academy and can officially say in their work history, "Trained by Tom Ahern."
LATEST E-News … Part 1
Competent on Purpose
What every fundraiser should know about donor comms, IMHO
See the extraordinary truth for yourself! A multi-part series....
For the first time on video
Ahern blows promo
"It's all outtakes from here, buster."

And yet YouTube allows it to be seen. Hint: I never had a stutter before this video, created to explain the difference between my $99 webinar and my $449 webinar at Nonprofit Marketing.
Latest e-news....!!!!!
Pretty doesn't equal money, in fundraising
Sorry. The definitions of "success" and "failure" have no relation to "attractive" and "ugly," as this post proves.
Enrollment is open...
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