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14.18: The Evil Robot Haunting Your Donor Communications and Making Good Things Turn Out Bad
How Splash.org, a fast-growing international charity with a great reputation, lost my eager monthly gift
14.17: Could the Feds be any clearer, folks? "If your nonprofit does not aggressively promote charitable bequests, then your nonprofit is by definition an irresponsible loser."
High-ranking agency official: "I can't believe people are still on the sidelines about this. It's like being on the sidelines about cigarette smoking."
14.16: "You know what a newsletter is really great for?" Measuring your donors' true mood
Not trying to raise money with your newsletter? Think again: it's a "donor happiness meter."
14.15: Online giving soars to almost nothing
There was a massive amount of little to report for another year; why print won't die
14.14: "Dear Numbskull Robot...." My name's Tom, not Thomas
How MoveOn.org stupidly and avoidably lost me as a donor
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LATEST E-News....
The Evil Robot haunting your donor communications and making good things turn out bad
How Splash.org, a great charity, lost my eager monthly gift. Here ...
LATEST E-News....
New IRS ruling warns that NGOs without an effective bequest marketing program are too stupid to live
It's a rich story. Read it here.
LATEST E-News....
Online giving soars to almost nothing
There was a massive amount of little to report for another year
Here's why print won't be going away any time soon.
LATEST E-News....
How do you measure "donor happiness"?
Response to your donor newsletter is a surprisingly accurate gauge.
Give your newsletter a higher purpose, as a thermometer of donor warmth or chilliness. Read this important e-news here .
2015 season begins!
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NEW client
Boston Children's Hospital Trust
Just audited their donor newsletter
Most fun I've had in months. Great organization!

Test your own knowledge of what should be in an effective donor newsletter, with this "images only" audit, downloadable as a PDF .
The sky's the limit when you advertise...
Community foundation "bequest marketing" program soars in just 4 years
This particular community foundation began its bequest marketing program in 2010, once their board voted enough money to make a fair test using targeted advertising on public radio, arts program books, bar journals, and a few other pubs. I worked with them on their planning, then wrote the advertising and collateral. We built a basic sales lead funnel.

I just got the report from them, 4 years in.

Since 2010, with advertising, this community foundation has doubled the number of pledgers in its legacy society, to just about 150.

They've already realized bequests since 2010 worth $15.9 million, some of that from recent society members (RIP).

And "at least four people who requested our bequest brochure already have created permanent funds during their lifetimes."

Not a bad ROI on what I think was a $50K or so initial investment.
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