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MAY 2015
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15.7: You're fired until you have a solid monthly giving program launched
Do the easy math. Then get to work. Cash gifts are a drink of water. Monthly giving is a forever spring flowing 5 times faster.
15.6: How to write a healthy direct mail appeal...
Things you think about
15.5: Why a 95-year-old woman suddenly sent... a $500 check
Sell HOPE. See where it gets you.
15.4: Your new donors await on Facebook.
Early adopter makes fortune online. Plus major gift prospecting 2.0.
15.3: See, boss, this stuff works
Suzie E. was kind enough to write. Maybe you've shared her initial frustration ... and her bird-loving triumph!
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AFP Greater Toronto Congress 2012
Speaker scores are in
Average speaker score: 85%
For my workshop on "Direct Mail for Smaller NGOs," my overall score was 95%. "What were the most useful ideas you learned and will apply?" Three people said, "Everything." For my workshop named, "Marketing Bequests: The Delicate Art of Asking for That Final Gift," my overall score was 93%. Useful ideas? "Examples, awesome. He is inspiring." "Many ideas presented in sequence that was logical and very easily understood." "Everything." "Great information and very engaging." "Too many to list – session was like a 'Best of' survey of research and results by practitioners. Many useful suggestions and resources given."
Latest e-news investigates age
Meet Jane
Donors are older than you imagine
We went inquirin'. The suspicion: average donors in the US are getting on in years. Yet virtually all the appeals sent their way ignore that fact. Is there more income possible, by taking a different approach? Read this.
E-news sticks thumb in complacent eyes
"We don't trust you!"
Is it the whole "non-profit" thing?
Do your donors trust you? Probably not that much. There are things you can do, however, to fix that. Read more about this vital, yet oft-neglected, issue.
Brainiac e-news
Go negative, tell stories
The more you know about the brain, the easier persuasion becomes
We're living in the Golden Age of brain science. Take advantage! As this issue of my e-newsletter urges....
Latest e-news defies conventional wisdom
Elevator speech? Just say no.
Wrong answer to a great question.
Will your elevator speech persuade a prospect to make a gift? Unlikely ... for all sorts of reasons. Find out in this issue of my e-newsletter why figuring out your elevator speech could be a waste of time.
Latest e-news offers insights
Why does pro direct mail...
... sound so weird? The person being asked to sign the letter might wonder.
I run into this a lot ... and judging from the strong response the article is receiving, other people do, too: Why do professionally-written direct mail appeals sound the way they do? Well, there are many and well-tested reasons. See for yourself.
My latest e-news rebuts my previous e-news
Experts stand up for emails
Drat! Wrong again....
Two issues ago, I reported on Jeff Brooks' comment that his firm no longer does emailed newsletters for any clients, because ten years of testing found that e-newsletters produced no significant revenue. And a lot of folks begged to differ! In this new issue of my e-newsletter, we hear from three heavy-hitters who generate loads of gifts from emailed news and appeals. This is a good one, if you're trawling for front-line tips.
Are younger donors mythical?
What is the average age of a US donor?
A top industry expert weighs in, the latest issue of the Love Thy Reader e-newsletter
Location, location, location. If you're fundraising in the US, and you're not a brand-name charity working the streets of major cities, your donors are not likely to be younger -- ever. Learn how to wrap your head around the wants, needs, and limitations of the Baby Boom, just turning 65. Read more.
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