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14.20: "Gift of joy" + Dr. Frankl's pursuit of purpose: "Reciprocity" goes both ways
They gave you their hard-earned money. What can you give them back, to fulfill the psychological dictates of "reciprocity"?
14.19: Name the #1 distraction in fundraising? Bosses, bless their hearts
Which approach raises the most funds: (1) a well-argued appeal that explains the problem and offers statistical proof; or (2) an emotional appeal that tells a sad story? In short, which is better: stories or statistics?
14.18: The Evil Robot Haunting Your Donor Communications and Making Good Things Turn Out Bad
How Splash.org, a fast-growing international charity with a great reputation, lost my eager monthly gift
14.17: Could the Feds be any clearer, folks? "If your nonprofit does not aggressively promote charitable bequests, then your nonprofit is by definition an irresponsible loser."
High-ranking agency official: "I can't believe people are still on the sidelines about this. It's like being on the sidelines about cigarette smoking."
14.16: "You know what a newsletter is really great for?" Measuring your donors' true mood
Not trying to raise money with your newsletter? Think again: it's a "donor happiness meter."
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True-life, front-line, trenches testimonial
From Alisa Smallwood, CFRE
She wanted to connect via LinkedIn
"Hello, Tom - my hero. When my clients get rowdy, I smack them over the head with a copy of Keep Your Donors. Works every time." Know Alisa Smallwood.
While AFP Int'l conference plays Vancouver...
I gave Greenpeace a special presentation on donor-centricity
...from our house in France
Greenpeace has declared an interest in pursuing increased donor-centricity. In honor of their outstanding work through the years, I delivered a complimentary workshop for an hour. We Skyped a group from a bunch of different time zones. It was a bit rough. The village church bells went off. School kids came home for lunch. The phone rang. It was a blast!
CASE-NAIS national conference
"Stellar Speaker" again!
4.93 out of 5, cowboy
For a 3-hour training session called Love Thy Reader: The Science & Secrets Behind Highly Effective Donor Communications, presented in San Francisco recently at the 2012 CASE-NAIS conference for independent schools, I received a 4.93 rating (out of 5) overall. Ratings above 4.5 receive the coveted Stellar Speaker designation from CASE. This is the 3rd straight time I've received ratings at this level at CASE-NAIS.
Plan International USA
"Having you was more valuable than any conference."
The aftermath of an all-day training
"Thank you for coming and presenting to our team. It was hugely successful for all of us. The buzz around the office is fantastic. Within an hour of your departure.... ...read more
Volunteers of America, Greater New York
Donor news crit wins plaudits
She knows what she wants
"Wow, I can’t tell you how much this specific, thoughtful feedback means to us. (Actually I just did!) You’ve confirmed a number of things I suspected, gave us specific language in the NPR example, and I am taking the Dana-Farber newsletter home to read tonight...." -- Rachel Weinstein, VP/Chief Development & Communications Officer, VOA-Greater New York
Exceptional annual report....
Meet one that doesn't suck
St. Philip's goes fully donor-centric
In San Francisco on Super Bowl Sunday...
Jodi G., CFRE: "Best in Show"
@ CASE/NAIS 2012 Conference
"Your presentation was by far the best of the conference. I plan to incorporate all your brilliant ideas starting this week!" She was talking about my morning, 3-hour gig. She didn't see my afternoon 1.25-hour gig, where I tried a new approach. And it flopped.
"Are all consultants alike?"
Ahern in Top 30 "Most Effective"
List spotlights the best of the best
The list: see for yourself. New Canadians like Jon Duschinsky (formerly of the UK and France; I've lunched with Jon in Paris) did quite well: #1. Brit transplant, Dr. Adrian Sargeant, was #3. Capital campaign superstar, Jerry Panas, was #5. I was #6. Simone Joyaux (ma femme) was #12. CFREs covered the list like spots on a leopard.
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