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14.20: "Gift of joy" + Dr. Frankl's pursuit of purpose: "Reciprocity" goes both ways
They gave you their hard-earned money. What can you give them back, to fulfill the psychological dictates of "reciprocity"?
14.19: Name the #1 distraction in fundraising? Bosses, bless their hearts
Which approach raises the most funds: (1) a well-argued appeal that explains the problem and offers statistical proof; or (2) an emotional appeal that tells a sad story? In short, which is better: stories or statistics?
14.18: The Evil Robot Haunting Your Donor Communications and Making Good Things Turn Out Bad
How Splash.org, a fast-growing international charity with a great reputation, lost my eager monthly gift
14.17: Could the Feds be any clearer, folks? "If your nonprofit does not aggressively promote charitable bequests, then your nonprofit is by definition an irresponsible loser."
High-ranking agency official: "I can't believe people are still on the sidelines about this. It's like being on the sidelines about cigarette smoking."
14.16: "You know what a newsletter is really great for?" Measuring your donors' true mood
Not trying to raise money with your newsletter? Think again: it's a "donor happiness meter."
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Latest e-news offers insights
Why does pro direct mail...
... sound so weird? The person being asked to sign the letter might wonder.
I run into this a lot ... and judging from the strong response the article is receiving, other people do, too: Why do professionally-written direct mail appeals sound the way they do? Well, there are many and well-tested reasons. See for yourself.
My latest e-news rebuts my previous e-news
Experts stand up for emails
Drat! Wrong again....
Two issues ago, I reported on Jeff Brooks' comment that his firm no longer does emailed newsletters for any clients, because ten years of testing found that e-newsletters produced no significant revenue. And a lot of folks begged to differ! In this new issue of my e-newsletter, we hear from three heavy-hitters who generate loads of gifts from emailed news and appeals. This is a good one, if you're trawling for front-line tips.
Are younger donors mythical?
What is the average age of a US donor?
A top industry expert weighs in, the latest issue of the Love Thy Reader e-newsletter
Location, location, location. If you're fundraising in the US, and you're not a brand-name charity working the streets of major cities, your donors are not likely to be younger -- ever. Learn how to wrap your head around the wants, needs, and limitations of the Baby Boom, just turning 65. Read more.
2 new Ahern seminars
"Let me be very blunt."
Available from no one else on earth
New seminar #1: How to Manipulate People Into Giving You Money (Trust me: that's a good thing.) The neuroscience and other science behind stimulating response.

New Seminar #2: Giving Your Board Something Fascinating to Say. Boards want to help ... but they don't know what to say. And they're afraid to make mistakes. Dump those dumb "elevator speeches." It's time for some plain old, down to earth, conversation. Anyone can do it well.

Call me in the US at 401-397-8104. Happy to travel. In the last year or so, spoke in Australia, Belgium, Italy, New Zealand and across North America.
Latest issue of my e-news draws controversy
E-newsletters don't attract gifts
"None of our clients do them anymore."
As Kivi Leroux Miller hurried to scold me, "Emailed appeals DO make money, even if emailed newsletters don't." She makes a good point. There IS gold in them thar online hills. But you won't dig it out with your emailed newsletter. The old question has been, "When can I replace my paper newsletter with an emailed digital version instead?" Well, if your paper newsletter's been making you good money, as many do, then the short answer is "Never." Read the offending issue.
NEW and unique....
When your board...
...doesn't know what to say, they say zip.
I have a new show: "Talking points for board members." Two years in the making. Premiere: Dallas, TX, June 8, 2012. Don't send them out with nothing to say! It's just cruel. Call me: 401-397-8104.
New in the critique arena...
UNICEF NZ gives donors the praise they crave...
...while at the same time building the organization's brand
A like this donor newsletter very much. Learn. Borrow. Steal.
Bunch of newsletter back issues added...
For those of you searching for specific, recent back issues of my e-newsletter, here you go. This one answers a few good questions about marketing and donor newsletters. This one reveals why we're leaving our estate to charity. This one inquires "Are thanks really necessary?"The "Thanks Wars" continue in the next issue. Asking me how I'd prefer to be addressed (Tom or Thomas) is the profitable thing to do.
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