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15.9: Creativity can be decoded and taught.
Dr. Jen Shang, "the world's first philanthropic psychologist," as the New York Times ungrammatically dubbed her back in 2012, is absolutely right.
15.8: Steal the studs off these XDC examples...
The perfect donor newsletter? How likely is it that one of the world's most donor-centered newsletters comes out of a small, local charity in the Berkshires? And a literacy charity in Milwaukee blows the doors off the envelope teaser?
15.7: You're fired until you have a solid monthly giving program launched
Do the easy math. Then get to work. Cash gifts are a drink of water. Monthly giving is a forever spring flowing 5 times faster.
15.6: How to write a healthy direct mail appeal...
Things you think about
15.5: Why a 95-year-old woman suddenly sent... a $500 check
Sell HOPE. See where it gets you.
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Make way more money
Your ca$e!!!
Power! case for support
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From the list-making mind of....
Ahern makes list of "America's Top 40"
250 charity leaders select "most effective fundraising consultants"
Michael Chatman has apparently issued another of his lists ... and Tom Ahern is on it, in coveted spot #19, right after Jerry Panas (coveted spot #18), and a few doors down from spousal unit, Simone Joyaux (coveted spot #24). Dear, dear friend, Jon Duschinsky, holds the #1 spot, followed by the ridiculously admirable Sandy McNab in #2.
Coming soon.....
NEW workshop: "Sideways Thinking"
Being way more inventive than you thought you could be
Guaranteed: your charity's story is NOT what you think it is. Almost everyone's in the proverbial rut, my dear friends. But there's a quick escape. THINK DIFFERENT (™ Apple). I create crazy, new, fundraising messages every day ... because that's what I am paid well to do. Creativity isn't about RIGHT answers or ME TOO answers. Creativity is about MORE answers and BETTER answers. I've learned from many masters. I'm happy to explain how I do "creative thinking," in this blunt, frank, revealing, one-of-a-kind "share-inar." Are you looking for a way out of stagnant thinking? Talk to me. Dr. Tom. 401-397-8104.
Latest e-news....!!!!!
The great Sean Triner on direct mail
In a column I brazenly stole without asking his permission, Sean Triner, the best direct mail deep-thinker I know in Australia, shared the solicitation secrets that have raised Pareto, the company he co-founded with data guru Paul Roberts, to the very pinnacle of the fundraising industry Down Under.
Latest e-news....!!!!!
6 True Things
Six great pieces of advice from six how-to books I live by. Read more....
New! New! New! 3-HOUR TRAINING SESSION with plenty of pictures
"Realityville" - JUST debuted: An OVERVIEW of donor communications and what it truly means to WRITE in a "donor-centered" way, which is where the bigger bucks hide
realityville.jpgDid you know ... that there are only THREE things you have to do, to have a SERIOUSLY successful "donor communications" program??? ¶ Did you know ... why so many communications programs FAIL to inspire ... and in fact DRIVE DONORS AWAY??? ¶ "Realityville" shows you the science behind effective "charity selling." ¶ "Realityville," my new workshop, focuses on HOW TO RAISE MORE MONEY: by lowering the cost of acquisition, by raising average gift amounts, by breaking the dismal, expensive curse of low retention, by improving the LTV (life-time value) of existing donors, by stimulating increased flow down your bequest pipeline ... and more. ¶ "Realityville" is great when you want to train everyone from the ED on down and get them on the same wavelength. It's filled with tricks, tips and methods. And it's interactive, so you'll have FUN ... while you discover. ¶ Right for you? Call me. 401-397-8104
Latest e-news....!!!!!
You say "poverty porn" like it's a bad thing
Now up in the transglobal child development NGO empire, this meme: "poverty porn." People are saying it. But what does it mean? And why is the whole concept of "poverty porn" dangerous to your fundraising program? Read it and steam.
L-r: Jay Love, founder, Bloomerang; Dr. Adrian Sargeant; me
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