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14.16: "You know what a newsletter is really great for?" Measuring your donors' true mood
Not trying to raise money with your newsletter? Think again: it's a "donor happiness meter."
14.15: Online giving soars to almost nothing
There was a massive amount of little to report for another year; why print won't die
14.14: "Dear Numbskull Robot...." My name's Tom, not Thomas
How MoveOn.org stupidly and avoidably lost me as a donor
14.13: Competent on purpose -- PART 3
What every fundraiser should know about donor comms, IMHO
14.12: Competent on purpose -- PART 2
What every fundraiser should know about donor comms, IMHO
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NEW and unique....
When your board...
...doesn't know what to say, they say zip.
I have a new show: "Talking points for board members." Two years in the making. Premiere: Dallas, TX, June 8, 2012. Don't send them out with nothing to say! It's just cruel. Call me: 401-397-8104.
New in the critique arena...
UNICEF NZ gives donors the praise they crave...
...while at the same time building the organization's brand
A like this donor newsletter very much. Learn. Borrow. Steal.
Bunch of newsletter back issues added...
For those of you searching for specific, recent back issues of my e-newsletter, here you go. This one answers a few good questions about marketing and donor newsletters. This one reveals why we're leaving our estate to charity. This one inquires "Are thanks really necessary?"The "Thanks Wars" continue in the next issue. Asking me how I'd prefer to be addressed (Tom or Thomas) is the profitable thing to do.
"Billions and billions sold" boasts Mickey D
For us: 3,218 net units sold
Our book from Wiley & Sons
Wiley_cover.jpgKeep Your Donors makes it small dent in the universe. Published 2008. The latest royalty statement arrived today. Simone and I each got a check for about $500, for 6 months worth of sales. Ah, the luxe life of the author.
"I am a solar system!"
You are, too?!?
Look at the Age of Social Media this way
I am || you are a solar system. Orbiting: Planet Facebook, Planet YouTube, Planet LinkedIn, Planet Pininterest.
New to the "critiques" section....
Annual appeal rakes in average gift of $153
The Gamm gets emotional triggers right
The Gamm Theatre is a small operation with an outsized reputation for extraordinary art. It's annual fund appeal is a nicely crafted piece of work you can learn from.
Want to.....?
Check my LinkedIn profile
Apparently, a lot of people do
True-life, front-line, trenches testimonial
From Alisa Smallwood, CFRE
She wanted to connect via LinkedIn
"Hello, Tom - my hero. When my clients get rowdy, I smack them over the head with a copy of Keep Your Donors. Works every time." Know Alisa Smallwood.
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