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Competent on purpose -- PART 2
What every fundraiser should know about donor comms, IMHO
Part 1: Competent on purpose
What every fundraiser should know about donor comms, IMHO
14.10: The Ugly Truth
Is "prettiness" cost effective?
14.9: Will good grammar save us?
Your 10th-grade English teacher was right ... about nothing related to sales.
14.8: Part 5 - Dr. Adrian Sargeant's 7 principles of donor loyalty
Charities that get straight A's in 7 things reap the rich rewards of contented donors.
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[Ahern on Twitter] Dear nonprofit client: Stop talking about yourself. You're not selling how watches work. You're selling telling time. [To follow...]
U.S. Major Amos Burke will succeed or die, trying to rescue his fiancée Claire Stiles, kidnapped by a vengeful IRA.
The Unofficial U.S. Army Field Guide to Belfast 1942
For your reading pleasure? Free WWII e-novel published.
front_cover_180.jpgTroubled times. Opportunistic times, the IRA decides. Brits are shipping out for Cairo. Green Yanks are shipping in. But an "easy" arms hijacking goes deadly wrong. If you'd like to try it, you can @ no charge. Download the free manuscript as a .pdf file. If you enjoy the tale, tell someone. If not, drag to trash. Also available as a paperback.
CUPS Calgary shows how to lay out a case
Paint me perfect
Is this the best use of a theme to drive a case for support? I think it just might well be! This case for support is brilliant: sparse yet bold, quiet yet powerful, and above all sharply focused. Small quibble: I had to read body text to understand that CUPS works with the homeless. Very small quibble: I love this one. Breathtaking.
Sisters of Mercy marketing brief
Annual support: Case for more
Many orgs. skip the brief ... and suffer the consequences
What's a marketing brief? An essential first step that forces staff and volunteers onto the same page re: the campaign you're about to launch. The venerable, admirable Sisters of Mercy are fishing for $5 million a year in new donor support. Here's the marketing brief behind their case for support.
This just in...
AFP Int'l Conf. ratings
Didn't stink
The average session rating at the 2010 AFP International Conference on Fundraising in Baltimore was 5.32 for all 131 sessions offered. The average speaker rating, across 187 speakers, was 5.66. My session, Fabulous Case Statements Made Easy, earned a rating of 6.46 out of 7. My speaking earned a rating of 6.54 out of 7.
The Q in Auckland
Case for a performing arts center
This tight, showy case unfolds like a great greeting card filled with tantalizing promises and mesmerizing imagery.
Under the microscope...
Critiqued: A major league AR
American Refugee Committee 2008
I love this annual report for its brains and beauty. Still, there are a few, mmm, flaws...?
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