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14.14: "Dear Numbskull Robot...." My name's Tom, not Thomas
How MoveOn.org stupidly and avoidably lost me as a donor
14.13: Competent on purpose -- PART 3
What every fundraiser should know about donor comms, IMHO
14.12: Competent on purpose -- PART 2
What every fundraiser should know about donor comms, IMHO
14.11: Competent on purpose -- PART 1
What every fundraiser should know about donor comms, IMHO
14.10: The Ugly Truth
Is "prettiness" cost effective?
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"I could gush about you for a while..."
Reader praise for Seeing Through a Donor's Eyes
How-to book gets an honest workout
"I could gush about you for a while but instead I’ll cut to the chase. I just finished a Case for Support for my nonprofit. There’s never been a written Case for Support here. There’s no budget for consultants or copywriters. There’s no one else to do development, PR, marketing, etc. except me. This was on my To Do list for 3 years. Now it’s not. At first, I was totally overwhelmed. Then I followed your process from “Seeing Through a Donor’s Eyes.” Step-by-step. And I am SO PROUD of what I did. It’s not as tight or conversational as I’d like but I’m effing PROUD to show it to my boss! There’s no way I could have done it without you. Thank you, thank you, thank you."
-- Brenda H., August 2011
As the UK sees it....
19th "Most Influential"?
I'd just like to thank....
The July 2011 issue of civilsociety.co.uk released its annual list of "50 Most Influential" and there I am, on the same page as fellow Yank, Jeff Brooks. Honored. Thrilled. Humbled. Undeserving. Come on, people, really? I know whom to thank, too: Mark Phillips.
"I'm just glad if I can help the club..."
Jeff Brooks spills book beans
AHERN judged "not total loser"
Don't get me wrong -- there are some truly excellent books about fundraising that have helped me in a big way, and you should read them. Anything by Tom Ahern or Mal Warwick is well worth your time, and will make you a better fundraiser. There are others too. But Orbiting the Giant Hairball transformed the way I approach life as creative professional who wants to make a difference. ...read more
The Hampton Roads Community Foundation...
Sally gets awards!
"Best of all, our bequests are on the upswing...."
Got a delicious note from Sally Kirby Hartman, Vice President of Communications at Virginia's Hampton Roads Community Foundation: "I want to thank you for your help in the Hampton Roads Community Foundation’s bequest initiative. ¶ Last night we won the Best in Show award from the PRSA Hampton Roads chapter. We also won a first-place award in the tactics category for our 2010 Yearbook and a first-place award in the community relations campaign category for the bequest initiative. ¶ It is rare that a nonprofit wins a campaign and Best in Show awards. Usually ad agencies take those honors for big clients. So, thanks for helping make our Bequest Initiative a winner. Judges were PRSA members in Tucson. ¶ As a side note, last month our newsletter won a silver award from the Council on Foundations excellence in communications contest. We were competing against community foundations our size across the country. ¶ But best of all, our bequests are on the upswing, which enables us to do more great work in our region. I appreciate you!"
The Chicago AFP int'l conference
In 6 Pixs
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Complaint of the week
Book 3, Chapter 9, Verse 47
uspeak2fastikentgrabyrnumba When you phone and leave a call-back # on voice mail, I tell people on my message, Speak slowly. Enunciate clearly. As if you were starring in The King's Speech.
The devil's hiding in the itty-bitty details
On the menu
New entrees for the hungry fundraiser
What's your pleasure? A hospice that raised 17 times more income from an annual holiday appeal, by doing one thing different? An annual report that went into full-blown story mode and brought the donor along on an incredible journey of healing? A newsletter from a children's hospital that stimulates very little donor income, with an analysis of what might be wrong?
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