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What every fundraiser should know about donor comms, IMHO
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The Hampton Roads Community Foundation...
Sally gets awards!
"Best of all, our bequests are on the upswing...."
Got a delicious note from Sally Kirby Hartman, Vice President of Communications at Virginia's Hampton Roads Community Foundation: "I want to thank you for your help in the Hampton Roads Community Foundation’s bequest initiative. ¶ Last night we won the Best in Show award from the PRSA Hampton Roads chapter. We also won a first-place award in the tactics category for our 2010 Yearbook and a first-place award in the community relations campaign category for the bequest initiative. ¶ It is rare that a nonprofit wins a campaign and Best in Show awards. Usually ad agencies take those honors for big clients. So, thanks for helping make our Bequest Initiative a winner. Judges were PRSA members in Tucson. ¶ As a side note, last month our newsletter won a silver award from the Council on Foundations excellence in communications contest. We were competing against community foundations our size across the country. ¶ But best of all, our bequests are on the upswing, which enables us to do more great work in our region. I appreciate you!"
The Chicago AFP int'l conference
In 6 Pixs
Go here.
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Complaint of the week
Book 3, Chapter 9, Verse 47
uspeak2fastikentgrabyrnumba When you phone and leave a call-back # on voice mail, I tell people on my message, Speak slowly. Enunciate clearly. As if you were starring in The King's Speech.
The devil's hiding in the itty-bitty details
On the menu
New entrees for the hungry fundraiser
What's your pleasure? A hospice that raised 17 times more income from an annual holiday appeal, by doing one thing different? An annual report that went into full-blown story mode and brought the donor along on an incredible journey of healing? A newsletter from a children's hospital that stimulates very little donor income, with an analysis of what might be wrong?
Ahern ventures to Vancouver (lovely)
Case presentation added
FUND 1215, the Essentials of Fundraising, adopts my presentation re: the case for support
Siobhan Aspinall writes, "I am a big fan of your blog and am writing to request the use of one of your presentations for my introduction to fundraising class." You betcha. Where? "The British Columbia Institute of Technology's School of Business in Vancouver."
Year's worth of help for as little as $2,160
Tom Ahern: Discount consultant
New idea: You don't need a lot of me to help you seriously increase major gifts and general donor retention
I'm a major-gifts communications specialist. Attract just one more major gift, thanks to my advice; and you'll pay for my services many times over. It's why I have clients like the New York Community Trust (the Big Apple's very own community foundation); global charities like Catholic Relief Services and Save the Children; and hometown faves like Houston Grand Opera. Having an expert on your side improves results. Retain my services for 12 months, and I will knock 10% off my normal billing rate. You can use the hours any way that works for you: an hour a month for a year, 3 hours a month for 4 months, 12 hours in a single month.
...work with visionaries
...(darn) cannot work with functionaries
Welcome to the world premiere of my Five Realizations approach to writing a case for support, a case for support that will (and here's the difference from the usual, ordinary, typical, commonplace case for support) effectively sell donors on your...
> projects
> programs
> endowments
> initiatives
> buildings
> renovations
> and shockingly bright ideas.
     I developed this Five Realizations approach for a major research university.
     But the same Sacred Way to Donor Nirvana applies equally well to all kinds of charities. Actually, small and young charities sometimes "get" this faster than large institutions; where even a bad day is a good day, relatively speaking, because the volume of gifts can become a narcotic. If you're an old-guard charity making millions by swinging at low-hanging fruit decade after decade, why improve? Yes, certainly, idealistically, you could do more good if you had more money. But institutions tend to hire functionaries; people who are capable of keeping the status quo treadmill going. Is there vision within? Often, at the mid-level; powerless but yearning: visionaries who ultimately grow dissatisfied with an institution's pace/lack of change. I speak with hundreds of dynamic, kinetic, impressive fundraisers a year. My guess? Institutions extinguish far more stars than they nourish.
     The 5 realizations? Patience, my love. Coming soon.
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