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What every fundraiser should know about donor comms, IMHO
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What every fundraiser should know about donor comms, IMHO
14.10: The Ugly Truth
Is "prettiness" cost effective?
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Your 10th-grade English teacher was right ... about nothing related to sales.
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For the first time on video
Ahern blows promo
"It's all outtakes from here, buster."

And yet YouTube allows it to be seen. Hint: I never had a stutter before this video, created to explain the difference between my $99 webinar and my $449 webinar at Nonprofit Marketing.
Latest e-news....!!!!!
Pretty doesn't equal money, in fundraising
Sorry. The definitions of "success" and "failure" have no relation to "attractive" and "ugly," as this post proves.
Enrollment is open...
Latest e-news....!!!!!
"Drowning dog saved by grammar"
How much does good grammar contribute to your fundraising bottom line? Find out here .
Either all the speakers were super good or the fundraising industry is WAY too polite
Almost perfect
Remember San Antonio? AFP International Conference 2014? Well, the evaluations just arrived. I did two sessions.

Session Title: Writing a Fabulous Case for Support
Session rating: 4.62
Speaker rating: 4.79

Session Title: Loverizing: The Lucrative Difference a Few Well-Chosen Words Will Make in Your Donor Communications
Session rating: 4.66
Speaker rating: 4.90

These numbers are based on a 1-5 scale, with 1 being poor and 5 being excellent. The overall average session rating for all 98 sessions offered was 4.27. The average speaker rating, across 164 speakers, was 4.63.
Christie Holderegger / VOA, Northern California & Northern Nevada
"We did it! Thank you both [Lori Jacobwith et moi; though the real credit goes to VOA, NC & NN itself; beautiful execution] for being a part of this and giving me advice and feedback when we launched our Save the Senior Safe House campaign." Here's her official and extremely donor-centered announcement: "You did it! In four short weeks, you helped raise $198,000 to save our community’s Senior Safe House! Today, I am thrilled to announce that the Sacramento Senior Safe House will remain open this year and with continued support for years to come!" All hail: an emerency campaign that worked in 2014 and kept a lot of destitute and aged folks safe and comfortable.
Jim Sardina, Annual Giving Manager, Sharp HealthCare Foundation
"It is official … thanks to your writing you have helped the foundations at Sharp HealthCare receive over 10,000 Doctors’ Day gifts. A mere 'thanks' doesn’t come close to the gratitude we all have for you."
Thank you, Elsa from Montreal!
Most memorable conference of all

Dear Mr Ahern,

I have attended the AFP International Conference on Fundraising in San Antonio and I wanted to congratulate for your presentation. You have offered the most memorable conference of all.The passion you have shown and your expertise were very inspirational. You truly are a dynamic performer and speaker and you have been able to share your vision with humour and energy. Listening to you just made me want to commit more to my work and increased my dedication to philanthropy.


Elsa Desjardins Director, Events and Fundraising Projects
Montreal Heart Institute Foundation
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