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JUNE 2016
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15.9: Creativity can be decoded and taught.
Dr. Jen Shang, "the world's first philanthropic psychologist," as the New York Times ungrammatically dubbed her back in 2012, is absolutely right.
15.8: Steal the studs off these XDC examples...
The perfect donor newsletter? How likely is it that one of the world's most donor-centered newsletters comes out of a small, local charity in the Berkshires? And a literacy charity in Milwaukee blows the doors off the envelope teaser?
15.7: You're fired until you have a solid monthly giving program launched
Do the easy math. Then get to work. Cash gifts are a drink of water. Monthly giving is a forever spring flowing 5 times faster.
15.6: How to write a healthy direct mail appeal...
Things you think about
15.5: Why a 95-year-old woman suddenly sent... a $500 check
Sell HOPE. See where it gets you.
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LATEST E-News....
How I write direct mail
Rule #1: love your donor deeply, fully, abundantly, extravagantly. Then double it, with sauce on top. Have a look inside my "loverizing" style.
LATEST E-News....
95-year-old woman sends big unexpected check: Why?
"You've given me hope," she avers. This story speaks volumes about the donor's state of mind. Lots of good tips, too, for earning your donors' love.
LATEST E-News....
7 miracle cures for your donor newsletter
Expert advice from a couple of NW/US-based top performers.
LATEST E-News....
Facebook may be the world's best mass prospecting tool ... and then there's major gifts prospecting
Back from Australia with a new report on how one charity BIG time on Facebook. Plus a review of major gift prospecting from the experts at DonorSearch. Read more....
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Training going OK?
"Tom Ahern never ceases to amaze me with how kind, quick-witted, and smart he is! These coaching sessions are great!" -- Nancy W., AZ, March 2015
LATEST E-News....
Yes, it works.
As the fundraiser for a research charity, Suzie gets flamingly second-guessed by her presumptuous bosses. As a volunteer, though, she can do her appeals any way she likes ... and is raising serious bucks for a NYC animal rescue charity. Read her tale of woe and triumph here.
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Megan H., D of D at a major NYC charity, likes her new audit
"Tom, Thank you. How you can make a group of people this excited to read about what they have to work on - I don't know. But our team couldn't agree more with your insight in this audit. Your observations reinforced our suspicions around some of our work and made us look critically at other areas that we've never really considered before. We can't wait to implement all of this amazing feedback into our work."
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From Yvette X, Oxfam YZ....
"Tom, I think nearly every person in your workshop has now come to me and thanked me for organising your visit. They absolutely adored you, your style (your glasses were mentioned as funky!), your know-how and the depth of experience you demonstrated. If you were ever to be in our patch again, they would jump at the opportunity for another workshop. Thank you so much for being so generous with your knowledge."
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