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14.20: "Gift of joy" + Dr. Frankl's pursuit of purpose: "Reciprocity" goes both ways
They gave you their hard-earned money. What can you give them back, to fulfill the psychological dictates of "reciprocity"?
14.19: Name the #1 distraction in fundraising? Bosses, bless their hearts
Which approach raises the most funds: (1) a well-argued appeal that explains the problem and offers statistical proof; or (2) an emotional appeal that tells a sad story? In short, which is better: stories or statistics?
14.18: The Evil Robot Haunting Your Donor Communications and Making Good Things Turn Out Bad
How Splash.org, a fast-growing international charity with a great reputation, lost my eager monthly gift
14.17: Could the Feds be any clearer, folks? "If your nonprofit does not aggressively promote charitable bequests, then your nonprofit is by definition an irresponsible loser."
High-ranking agency official: "I can't believe people are still on the sidelines about this. It's like being on the sidelines about cigarette smoking."
14.16: "You know what a newsletter is really great for?" Measuring your donors' true mood
Not trying to raise money with your newsletter? Think again: it's a "donor happiness meter."
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Results just in!
Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh sees 366% uptick in newsletter-triggered giving
Adopting extreme donor-centricity does the trick
[Click to view Carnegie's 2014 donor newsletters one and two.] Charla Irwin-Buncher, Annual Giving Manager at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, wrote, "I hope this email finds you doing well. I was catching up on your Love Thy Reader emails and I thought I would check in with you about the results we are seeing following our [Ahern] audit.

"We completely revamped our approach to our donor newsletter with a focus on making it far more donor centric. We also took all the packaging tips you suggested (#10 envelope, 4 pages, separate reply device, etc.)
...read more
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Reciprocity goes both ways
"Reciprocity" is a well-documented psychological phenomenon. When I give you something, you're likely to feel a faint urge to give me something back. Self-sticking labels and other upfront "freemiums" from charities are reciprocity in action. But reciprocity works both ways. Once a person has made a gift, what are you, the charity, giving back to the donor? Explore .
LATEST E-News....
Stories vs. Stats: What's the science?
Bosses often assume that data will win the day. And it will with grants. But NOT with individual donors: they require narrative, thank you very much. Here's the hardcore lab rat science behind that assertion ... plus a bit of advice on "managing up."
LATEST E-News....
The Evil Robot haunting your donor communications and making good things turn out bad
How Splash.org, a great charity, lost my eager monthly gift. Here ...
LATEST E-News....
New IRS ruling warns that NGOs without an effective bequest marketing program are too stupid to live
It's a rich story. Read it here.
LATEST E-News....
Online giving soars to almost nothing
There was a massive amount of little to report for another year
Here's why print won't be going away any time soon.
LATEST E-News....
How do you measure "donor happiness"?
Response to your donor newsletter is a surprisingly accurate gauge.
Give your newsletter a higher purpose, as a thermometer of donor warmth or chilliness. Read this important e-news here .
2015 season begins!
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